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"R. J. Morris was born to sing the Blues"

"What a joy it was to get a copy of music CD “I’m Goin’ To Walk Away From The Blues.” Singer, composer and blues guru R.J. Morris really gives a down home old fashion, with a up-tempo beat, serving of the blues! There are 16 great cuts on this CD and all of them are “A” side recordings. 

The pulsating sax and rhythmic piano playing is joined with some very sharp blues guitar picking and the beat of a soft drum. All this gives a mood filling background for a R.J.’s creative lyrics. The words could be compared loosely to a blues flavored Bob Dylan style. They are pure poetry and of course, being blues music, they chart the course for life’s hurting and pain. 

This CD is just good listening even if you are in a good mood but if you are really feeling down and blue – this is your theme anthem done with class! Some of the song titles kind of tell the story like “Serving Life,” “Down For The Count,” and “Born To Sing The Blues.” The most enjoyable cut for me was “You Got The Dog”

This is a stellar performance by R.J. and his band and well worth buying and listening to."

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr.: Author;  American Authors Association Founder;    Military Writers Society Of America Founder  

You can listen to all sixteen songs and purchase the CD from my Internet Distributor.  Please visit http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/rjmorris  

You may also listen and download any song, or the entire CD, from any of the following MP3 Download sites: 



Apple iTunes



All sixteen songs were written by myself. I attempted to cover as many styles of the Blues as possible in composing the music. I will freely admit that my music is strongly influenced by those people whose work I admire. The lyrics are probably a reflection of my own experiences and observations, but again I have been strongly influenced by those same people and their styles. Having said that, I have not consciously tried to emulate anyone else or their material. What you hear is myself singing the blues I created in my own style. 

Please take the time to view the lyrics. I hope you enjoy reading the lyrics and listening to the songs as much as I did creating them!

Thanks for your visit! 

R. J. Morris  “Pickin' Blues!”



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