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Songwriter, Recording & Performing Artist

R. J. Morris

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I released my New CD "I'm Goin' To Walk Away From The Blues"  on 1 June, 2006.  I sincerely thank all the folks who made that possible.

I would also like to thank those of you who have purchased the CD and all those who have recommended my site to their friends.  The greatest complement in the world is for others to appreciate your work.  Thank You!

Visit Often.  There will be more.  Promise!

R. J. Morris



Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – American Author’s Association Founder


What a joy it was to get a copy of music CD “I’m Goin’ To Walk Away From The Blues.” Singer, composer and blues guru R.J. Morris really gives a down home old fashion, with a up-tempo beat, serving of the blues! There are 16 great cuts on this CD and all of them are “A” side recordings.

The pulsating sax and rhythmic piano playing is joined with some very sharp blues guitar picking and the beat of a soft drum. All this gives a mood filling background for a R.J.’s creative lyrics. The words could be compared loosely to a blues flavored Bob Dylan style. They are pure poetry and of course, being blues music, they chart the course for life’s hurting and pain.

This CD is just good listening even if you are in a good mood but if you are really feeling down and blue – this is your theme anthem done with class! Some of the song titles kind of tell the story like “Serving Life,” “Down For The Count,” and “Born To Sing The Blues.” The most enjoyable cut for me was “You Got The Dog”.

This is a stellar performance by R.J. and his band and well worth buying and listening to.


Reviewer: Erick W. Miller, Author: "Mother Warned You" and "Toll of War"Five Stars!  

This is great ORIGINAL Blues any Blues fan will love!

It's hard to believe that R. J. wrote these songs himself. They flow into the ear with all the timeless rhythm that Blues fans have been listening to in St. Louis. New Orleans, Chicago, and on Beal Street in Memphis for decades. It is refreshing to hear something original as opposed to the same couple dozen worn out favorites. You'll swear you've heard it before, but it just ain't so! Got to pay your dues? R. J. Morris obviously has.


Reviewer: DJ Tiny - Tiny Jim Dancy

I have been playing music to the tastes of a myriad of souls for over 30 years and I have often marveled at the God given talent of RJ Morris when he had a guitar in his hands. I first met him 30 odd years ago when he & his pals had one of the top C&W bands on the European circuit.  I had the pleasure of being in the studio with him during his cutting of an album of 'Home Grown Country' songs that he had written and I remember then thinking that they had the hint of the blues. After listening to his latest, and in my humble opinion - greatest, work - I see that he has mastered the craft of creating songs in the genre of "The Blues". DJ Tiny Las Vegas, Nevada







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