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Songwriter, Recording & Performing Artist

R. J. Morris

Welcome to my home page! If you haven’t heard my music, I hope you soon will.

If you like the Blues, if you have lived the Blues, if you have known someone who has had the Blues, or if you just wish someone you know could get the Blues, then I believe you will find something in my music that you can relate with.

I have recently released my new Blues CD “I’m Goin' To Walk Away From The Blues.”  You can listen to the music, view the lyrics, purchase the CD from my Internet Distributor or download the CD from your favorite MP3 Download Site.  You can also read a bit about myself and what went into creating the music.

Whether you are a stone cold Blues fan, a musician or are just sampling the music of the Blues for the first time, I hope you will enjoy my work.

If you are a musician and searching for new material then I hope you will consider performing or even recording my work.  Please contact me should you be interested in using my music.

Thanks for the visit!  Please visit my contact page and send me your comments.  I promise to respond. I look forward to meeting other Blues lovers and making new friends!

R. J. Morris “Pickin’ Blues”



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